Friday, December 31, 2010

An ode from 2010 to the Tune of Don't Leave Me This Way by the Communards:

Don't leave me this way
When you imbibe, Try to keep alive
The memories of this year
Don't live me this way
So much to tell, so much to miss
Togo's cup absence
So don't leave me this way

Uh oh oh, Beyonce full of Grammys and
lights dimmed for Earth
So come on down and do what
you've got to do
Gordon Brown caught in bigot scandal
Now can't you see it's burning, out of
Icelandic volcano grounds all flights by
spewing ash
Cos only a coalition can set us

Paul don't predict this way
I don't understand how I'm at your
Steve Jobs: please don't hold it that

Don't leave me this way
Cos she can't exist
A spy in our midst
Her deadly kiss
So don't leave me this way

Oh Anna, my heart is full of love and
desire for you...

Don't leak me this way
Cos I can't survive, I can't stay alive
In Chile, far underground
Don't lift me this way
I can't get pissed, Give uni a miss
cant afford this
So don't leave me this way

Oh FIFA, my heart is full of pain and
regret for you...

Monday, January 25, 2010

Ireland Update

Ok, so far, having looked at the data and all the events I now seem to have a rough outline of an itinerary for my planned road trip around the Emerald Isle by car hire Ireland. The only thing is, to fit everything in I think I may have to do a figure of eight.

The month is June.

Well, May. The start is Dublin: 24tt May.

For on the 25th Frankie Boyle hits the town. Then drive out to Portlaoise and then a left kink down to Kilkenny for the Carlsberg Cat Laughs Comedy Festival takes place in Kilkenny from June the 3rd to June the 7th. Then on to Cork via Tipperary for the Cork Midsummer Festival June 12th –June 27th. Then head back up to Dublin through Limerick and Birr in time to catch Pink on the 19th June.

That's loop 1. Loop 2 takes place out from Dublin the next day (or day after if you catch my drift.....) back down to Kerry via Galway to see the Kerry Fleadh on June the
26th and take in the Ring of Kerry. More soon.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ireland/Kerry Update.

As promised towards the end of 2009 and after a hectic start to the new year here is a bit more on the proposed road trip around Ireland by car hire, Dublin.

There is of course the fabulous Ring of Kerry to visit as mentioned last time and I have found various sites of information. Apparently the Ring can take many visits to really appreciate the spectacular views but at least a day trip is recommended so that is the timing for the itinerary sorted! Also mention of a Valencia Island, which as a frequent traveler to the beautiful Spanish city of the same name is definitely added to the itinerary.

If that was not enough I have also found out that the Kerry Fleadh takes place in June this year, on the 26th, thus adding another point to a June centric calendar which would suggest I might be missing Rhod Gilbert and his award winning mince pie.....

Monday, January 11, 2010

GP2 Series // News

Well one of my favourite all time F1 racers Michael Schumacher is back. I wrote a blog about his 'retirement' back in 2006 So Long which stated my continued support for Ferrari and a pledge to support Felipe Massa.

Now Schumi is back I am delighted but also a little torn between the Prancing Horse and the Silver Arrows, Massa and Schumacher.

In the build up to his return he is helping to develop the next GP2 series car. This is the F1 feeder series where I got some first hand motor sport journalism experience via the Bridgestone e-reporter contest.

GP2 Series // News
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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Ireland Update.

Over Christmas I have, unfortunately, not had much time to look up many more events to add to the provisional calendar for my proposed road trip by car hire Ireland.

Catching up with a friend of mine who has good local knowledge did enable me to add some more places to add to the provisional itinerary. I had mentioned Cork, Dublin, Galway and Kilkenny.

Now to add to that list is Kerry! For the purposes of the road trip there is the famous Ring of Kerry (or Iveragh Peninsula to give it its correct name) which is full of beautiful, unspoilt scenery and numerous little villages.

So that shall be my new year research-to add the delights of Kerry to the itinerary. More soon.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Ireland Update.

Last time I wrote about a calendar of events in Cork and said that I would amalgamate events by month and plan the road trip by Car Hire Dublin, around the one with the most events.

It has been another hectic month, including taking in various football matches and even filing a report for one. However among my research I did find out that the Carlsberg Cat Laughs Comedy Festival takes place in Kilkenny from June the 3rd to June the 7th.

That is another notch in June's column. In Cork five days later the Cork Midsummer Festival takes place and on the 19th Pink plays Dublin. Alternatively Frankie Boyle plays Dublin on the 25th May so this does look like a good month.

However I may also check to see who else may be around Ireland and when they are going. More on that possibly in the next update!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Ireland Update:

Last time I noted on the calendar several events taking place in Dublin. However, as the plan is to do a road trip by Car Hire, Ireland I have had a look at some of the other places I want to visit such as Cork. From April onwards Cork is certainly living up to its cultural billing:

April 2010

21/04/2010 - 25/04/2010 Cork World Book Fest

A celebration of literary works with

exhibitions, author readings and

events in the cities libraries.

As a book lover that does sound right up my street but there is more

June 2010

12/06/2010 - 27/06/2010 Cork Midsummer Festival

The highlight of the Cork Summer

Calendar, includes theatrical

productions, street performances,

and Live at the Marquee.

Again, love theatre etc so sounds like that could be a blast but that's not all Cork has on offer:

July 2010

July 2010

10/07/2010 - 16/07/2010 Cork Week

One of Ireland biggest sailing

events, with entertainment and

events all week.

So where to begin? Well next I think I will keep collating all the other events then tally them off, the cluster of the most wins....probably!

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