Monday, January 11, 2010

GP2 Series // News

Well one of my favourite all time F1 racers Michael Schumacher is back. I wrote a blog about his 'retirement' back in 2006 So Long which stated my continued support for Ferrari and a pledge to support Felipe Massa.

Now Schumi is back I am delighted but also a little torn between the Prancing Horse and the Silver Arrows, Massa and Schumacher.

In the build up to his return he is helping to develop the next GP2 series car. This is the F1 feeder series where I got some first hand motor sport journalism experience via the Bridgestone e-reporter contest.

GP2 Series // News
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James Aitcheson said...

I agree that Schumacher's return is great news for Formula One, at a time when its image is suffering as a result of controversy and scandal. Though I do wonder just how fast he will be, and whether the hype surrounding his comeback will be justified. As always, time will tell!

Michael Scott said...

Well Jamie, if Mercedes can build a car anywhere near as good as last year or better the signs are promising....

James Aitcheson said...

I wrote a piece on Schumacher on F1 Focus just recently, if you're interested in having a look. Let me know what you think!

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