Monday, December 14, 2009

Ireland Update.

Last time I wrote about a calendar of events in Cork and said that I would amalgamate events by month and plan the road trip by Car Hire Dublin, around the one with the most events.

It has been another hectic month, including taking in various football matches and even filing a report for one. However among my research I did find out that the Carlsberg Cat Laughs Comedy Festival takes place in Kilkenny from June the 3rd to June the 7th.

That is another notch in June's column. In Cork five days later the Cork Midsummer Festival takes place and on the 19th Pink plays Dublin. Alternatively Frankie Boyle plays Dublin on the 25th May so this does look like a good month.

However I may also check to see who else may be around Ireland and when they are going. More on that possibly in the next update!

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