Friday, February 23, 2007

Crystal musings.....

.....okay I havent blogged for a while but decided to respond to Sir Alex Ferguson's comments that his team and the premiership title race is in "knockdown". In other words games are running out for Chelsea.

Looking at the run in for both teams one would have to agree. For Chelsea to win the League from here assumes the following:

Chelsea do not come unstuck against teams outside the top four: like Portsmouth away in their next premiership match, a team that, although falling down the table after early season promise, is well organised with passionate home support. Bolton are in the mix for both teams as are the relegation threatened sides fighting tooth and nail for their own title-premiership status potential banana skins for both sides. Conversely Man U may need to slip up against these sides.

Chelsea will also have to beat Man U at home to have a chance of winning the title-its where Mourinho himself claims three of the current six point gap will come from. But with the title at stake and the comparative goalscoring form of both teams those three points are not banked-even though Chelsea are unbeaten at home for many a full time whistle a draw could be on the cards-priceless for the current league leaders.

Then there is Chelsea's visit to the Emirates stadium where Arsenal are so far unbeaten.

Many Chelsea fans are looking at Liverpool to do to Man U what they did to the Blues earlier in the season. But if that match is to count on the final day of the season, under the assumption both teams know the importance of not losing to any other opposition, the north london visit is the holders equivalent and a win is a must else the three points "gained" if at all after a Liverpool victory would revert to a two or even three point deficit.

But that only solves one headache for the would be hat trick champions. There is also a 16 goal difference gap between the teams in the Red Devils favour. If all the above does transpire how Chelsea need to-a victory over both top four reds from manchester and london and Liverpool supply a favour at Anfield the points gap will be closed and the goal difference may shrink across those fixtures.

But in the intervening fixtures Chelsea need to apply a new tactic to one Mourinho, great manager that he is, has so far been unwilling to employ.

Mourinho is happy getting the job done and seeing it through. Winning 1-0 and then controlling the game at 1-0 is winning.

But to bring the goal difference back to a title winning position will entail smashing a few teams along the way like Man U have so far this season. This means keeping pressure on a team 1 or 2 nil down to get a third or a fourth.

Much as it may seem like after the fact predicting I do hope my thoughts after Man U's thumping of Fulham at the beginning of the season do not come back to haunt me: Man U to win the league on goal difference.

Friday, February 09, 2007

The week's roundup

whew well the week has flown by and I have enjoyed it immensely.

Wednesday I went on another police day in Stanwell got some audio went home and edited it on my computer with sound forge and it came out really well.

Got up early thursday and despite the snow made it in time to touch up the cues so I hit the day hard having got four pieces from the wednesday gig. This was swifly followed by ringing around trying to get MP's and various other people for interviews. Did a telephone interview. Done a few now.

Cut it and got some cues for the bulletin good stuff.

And I must have written at least seven copy stories.

Today was just hectic. The phone literally didnt stop ringing. I had Four phone interviews which I manged to get three cuts for one with cues that have aired. Two cuts for another that has aired with cues and half cut another one. The other is saved for editing by the team.

also wrote some copy stories and fielded various calls.

But all in all I have enjoyed it the staff are great and I am definitely looking forward to maybe working with the team again in the future if possible!

It was a blast.

Roll on TV.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Whew! What a blinding start to the week!

Well I have not had time to blog yet been busy.

But the second week is certainly nice and jam packed full of stuff what with writing I think ten copy stories maybe 12 in two days, editing several interviews I have done, and various other things I have had to do.

But it has been enjoyable with probably the highlight so far being an interview I did with one of the scientists involved in the Flores island fossil debate-its science ok leave me alone! :-) now if only I had done a hard science degree instead of political science.......

The staff and atmosphere are great and now when doing copy stories I am constantly thinking what would Rod, my editor say about this piece.

Anyway I have another police story to do tomorrow which should be good!

more stories later! :)

Friday, February 02, 2007

End of week report........

..........and I have been helping police with their enquiries........

Well not quite. Unlike the PM I have no peerage scandal to worry about. But I was sent to cover a police initiative to curb antisocial behaviour in Epsom. Wrote the cues and got the cuts from several interviews I did. Hopefully they will be aired early next week.

A piece I wrote earlier in the week and got a cut about elderly healthcare provision online was aired early this morning after a touch up on the writing (not too much just made it tighter-I know I am loose :-) ) by senior Journalist Martin Fletcher.

Hopefully get that from the archive as well as the police stuff before I leave.

Also been reading planning committee agendas-at first I was worried I would never finish it as it was very thick but on closer inspection it was mostly maps of the applications.

and the staple diet of copy stories...... all sorts of fun.

Oh and I have another week, where I am told more outside missions and bulletin practice awaits.

Cannot wait.

And I mean that!

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