Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Midweek report....

....well so far today I have written three copy stories, helped research some public civic matters which I cannot go into too much just yet....listen to Jackie to hear more and generally keeping myself busy.

The atmosphere is nice and the editor keeps me busy which is good but hope to get my voice on something at some stage just gotta keep patient.

Equipment issues are non existent quite comfortable was nice to have a big sign on a mic for once maybe Mike should consider making a mythical Harrow FM one for students to use..........

Anyway thats it for today

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

And another one bites the dust...... another day at Radio Jackie and what fun it was.

Went to a launch nothing celeb driven except local dignitaries but lots of fun and for a worthy cause in healthcare.

Got a cut and hopefully my cue and cut will be used in the near future.

Also wrote some more copy stories and practised bulletins.

Same old problem I seem to forget I have a diaphragm.

Well thats all for now

more news tomorrow!

Monday, January 29, 2007

Okay...... was time to roll today.

My first day of work experience and it was fun!

Iended up making coffee and tea....................but only twice and was part of the general office atmosphere!

Which at Radio Jackie is lovely!

The Editor is great and so far so good!

I wrote two copy stories which may be used at some point then again maybe not but practice practice.

Hey Mike I read the headlines and a Bulletin!

Only joking they were oractice shots but who knows maybe by the end of the week its something to aim for no?!

Also wrote out some questions for a possible interview and went to interview another person but they refused as it is a dispute situation so I wont say too much more at this stage. Hopefully more soon so watch this space!

As for the equipment etc some differences! They use Sky feeds which I am beginning to prefer to IRN. Ooops but as they said in Rome de gustibus non est disputandem!

They also use a non Burli system for play ins which is interesting took a bit of getting used to but there now........I think! no I am!

But they have Cool Edit which I cant wait to have a newsworthy excuse to use!

Also got something to prepare for tomorrow so they are using me which is nice and appreciated and means I am off now. But for a first day I'm happy!

Thursday, January 11, 2007


....okay, I'm not usually so excited but this time I think I have found some fun stuff that I thought I'd share and for which I will probably have to claim my geek membership card.

I bring you the picture taking madness of the Transparent Screens:

What you do is take a picture of something behind your screen-Laptop, ipod, PSP or otherwise and then align your Screen so it matches then take a photo. Simple but surprisingly cool!

If done well you don't even need photoshop and at most photoshop is only needed to sort out colour/light matching

Here's some of my favourites:

For more check out Flickr's topic: Transparent Screens

Also check these two out: Screen 1 Screen 2

Have fun!

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