Thursday, October 29, 2009

Ireland Update.

Talking of Gordon Strachan in my last post seemed like another one of those strange coincidences that sail by on the maelstrom of life. Within ten days the master of the quick word, “Velocity”, returns to management at the expense of Gareth Southgate.

My personal view on the firing of managers before all the leaves have fallen from the trees can be found elsewhere on this blog but it is of interest in this case because Strachan reveals his round the world plans were shortened to just California and Galway.

The new Middlesbrough gives me the following travel advice for my forthcoming road trip round the Emerald Isle by Car Hire, Ireland.

"I drove round the west coast of Ireland in the summer. It rained every day but it was stunning."

So that will be a camera and some waterproofs to add to the packing list then!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Another week or so that seems to have just whirled by in a maelstrom of events. Been setting up my new machine as the old workhorse, dependable as it is, has been left behind in the techno arms race.

Frankly 512mb RAM is like Gordon Strachan's proverbial water pistol against the bunker busting missiles of 4Gb Ram.

Also on the to do list was revisiting one of my former universities for a series of career seminars as well as various writing tasks. I am also aiming to write a few sports related blogs in the next few weeks for various outside blogs as well as some political/non-sports related ones for Old Wistful here. Travel plan blogging is ticking over nicely and the trip will be great I am sure but some long form writing would be nice also.

All of which has left the road trip around Ireland, via Car Hire, Dublin on the waiting list. So far to recap, I have a general idea of route and places to visit but only one event to 'peg' the skeleton but unfortunately that is in March. A little early for my liking but when the event is Mr Rhod Gilbert well.....

Need I say more?

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