Monday, March 23, 2009

Have had a bit of a hectic month and a half with one thing and another.

Been following the Blues as usual and have added an article on Bleacher Report on the upcoming quarter final clash against Liverpool.

In addition I have visited the Science Museum to see what the fuss was about their lates and I must say very impressive. Punk Science certainly deserve to be turning away 250 people from the too small theatre at the museum, full of energy and fun. The ability to walk around the museum and play with various exhibits brings back that thrill of being a kid and learning about things in a playground environment-I may sound positively easily amused but I was chuffed at smacking three bits of wood and just from the noise working out the rotten one!

The Listening Post was exactly as the description says, a symphony, more a work of art than science. To explain if you are still here and in my own words, the creators Mark Hansen and Ben Rubin have made several movements made out of random internet messages on forums which appear as scrolling text, either in full paragraphs or 'old style' cinema scrollers, or are conveyed by electronic voice. The pitching and selection of pieces for the voices to read almost harmonise and convey rhythm, if there is a sound of the internet this is it.

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