Thursday, August 27, 2009


Been extremely busy over the last few weeks so have not had much time to think or research an itinerary for the provisional 2010 car hire Ireland road trip. Some of you, admittedly small in number, have indeed begun to ask about what I am thinking about. This is particularly in light of the fact that some of my circumstances are not ideal but yes, I am hoping to do it, I think it will be fun. The current idea now is to hunt around for events like a scattergun that sound interesting and where they are then whittle them down. Like a sculptor or carpenter creating his masterpiece from the block of rock and wood. This idea has presented itself because I was hoping for a summer extravaganza when my preliminary research stumbled upon a problem. March to be precise. Or Dublin. Or most pertinently, Rhod Gilbert, the Welsh wizard of comedy, is meant to performing there. If the words tog, ratings and system mean nothing to you, or indeed if they do but in a horrible nightmare way, go and look for his skit about it on Youtube. Pure genius.

More ideas soon, plus, to help me out, fire some my way if you find an event.

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